Seven feet of golden destruction.


Auri is a seven foot tall golden dragonborn with an axe the size of a small creature and the temper to match, she doesn’t speak, though she can understand language but she cant read.

Auri’s approach to solving problems is to hit things until the problems go away, social situations cause


Auri was raised to honour the traditions of her small and nomadic tribe of dragonborn, her curiosity about the cities and the other races led her to run away.

Auri never found her tribe again, she did however discover alcohol, he first and last night out was a colossal bender that according to everyone who spoke to her afterwards, lasted at least three days, her first concious memory was waking in the gutter with a skinny half-elven bard, as she hauled him off the road, she noticed that they had matching tattoos declaring a life debt owed to the bard.

Unfortunately for Auri, Jack never did truly appreciate the sacred bond of the life debt fleeing from her at every opportunity, nevertheless, Auri relentlessly and stubbornly tracked him down, he is the only family she has, and she can never go home until he is dead.


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