Durri the Orphan.

A lovable orphan from the town of Phandalin


Durri is an 8 year old orphan living in the town of Phandalin. He arrived in the town, having been mistakenly loaded on the back of a trade wagon inside a basket of bread. By the time the tavern owner had realised that the bread basket contained a Dwarven infant and not a loaf of crusty white, the trader had already left the town.

No one was really willing to put themselves out for a Dwarven Orphan except for Sister Garaele, who looks after the child when she can.

Recently, Durri has been taken under the wing of Robin Boxley, the resident rogue in The Dragon’s Fang, and now lives with her in the manor house they are rebuilding. It was the least she could do, after she kind of got him killed. But it was fine as he was resurrected. No psychological damage was done, probably.


Durri the Orphan.

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