Fang Chu Lung

A former military woman, she has left her country to mediate on both peace and war.


A dwarven woman of some beauty and grace, with an air of danger that she honed with her skills.

Hidden under her clothes a winding stylized snake has been tattooed on her back in black ink, ancient characters reveal her given name as the Shadow Snake. The tattoo is also a symbol for the loyalty she still carries for monastery, though they have branded her a deserter and criminal.


Fang has always found the best places to meditate are chaotic, and the best way to meditate is with a drink. Some people call her reckless and irresponsible for hanging around in bars waiting for fights to break out. In actuality she only mediating on life the only way you really can; by experiencing it, the best and the worst.

Years ago she left the TIanshang Mi Monastery- who had raised her from a child into a shadow warrior- to join her homeland’s military. In doing so she learned much about keeping calm in the worst situation. She left the military in favor of an adventuring party to further that education.

Fang always strive to be above it all while remaining deeply entrenched. A woman who calls a burly bartenders ale ‘piss-shit’ but with such a polite and calm tone that often it takes several minutes before he realizes the insult.

However that doesn’t stop her from taking reckless decisions without proper forethought. For instance- nobody leaves the Tianshang Mi Monastery least of all one with knowledge of their secret techniques. She left a goodbye note.

Fang Chu Lung

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