Jack Ninestrings

hedonistical, egotistical, narcissistacle, bisexual rock star


Jack is a half elven bard from the college of lore, he is devoted to himself, his music, and his companions in that order.

Jacks a little under six foot tall, habitually wears leather and is never seen without a massive eight stringed lute, typically at least five knives of varying designs

Jack is something of a philosopher in regards to combat, simply put, if he never gets into a fair one again he will be a happy man, nothing is too much preparation if it gets you even the smallest advantage, it is a habit developed from a young age.


Jack was born to an elven prostitute in the slums of Neverwinter, he never knew his father though he learned salesmanship at early age, learning he could improve his lot in life with deception and violence, people who visited his mother always had coin on them, and always left the apartment off their guard. stairs were sawn through, or mysteriously soaped. at the age of eight Jack strangled a man to death with a lute string after the intended ambush didn’t kill him, at the age of ten Jack was imprisoned for the first time for theft and thats where his education truly began.

Jack was spared the noose due to his youth and found himself sharing a dungeon cell with a master musician, and a master thief, both had been in the dungeon for longer than they could remember, ancient and eager to pass on their skills, he spent five years there, learning music, charm, developing a healthy hatred for the law in general and nobility in particular. Eventually the rulers of the city needed the cellspace for revolutionaries, Jack and anyone under the age of majority were released their crimes long forgotten and never recorded, the masters had their throats cut.

Jack arrived home with the musicians battered ancient lute, and a pocket full of gold coins acquired from various unsuspecting merchants who had watched the mass execution of the prisoners, he found that his mother had been killed by an angry client two years ago and that the apartment now housed a family of gnomes.

Jack left the city leaving behind nothing but a few memories and a burning apartment block, he wandered the cities, discovering that he was always welcome in the smaller towns, with his music and a little magical enhancement, he resolved to be better than all of his mentors,and become something that the nobility and the churches couldn’t simply dismiss, he would be… the greatest.

Jack Ninestrings

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