"Morty" Morthose Change

Tifling Necromancer looking to right the evils his kind has caused the world


Wizard level:5 Ranger Level:1

Str: 10
Dex: 13
Con: 14
Int: 19
Wis: 12
Cha: 13


Racial Traits
Hellish Resistance
Infernal Legacy

Class Feature Wizard
Arcane Recovery
School of Necromancy
Necromancy Savant
Grim Harvest
Spell casting
Undead Thralls

Class Feature Ranger
Favored Enemy: Undead
Natural Explorer: Forest

Feats/ Other
Keen Mind
Languages: Common, Infernal, Draconic
Armor Prof: Light, Medium, Shields
Weapon: Simple, Martial
Prof: Taxidermy

Cp: 953
Sp: 8
Gp: 5
Pp: 2


Magic Items
Magic Robs +1
Masterwork Staff +1
Wand of web 7/7
Ring of Spell-storage 5
x1 Fireball scroll
x1 Fly Scroll
Mortys Spell-book
Labrezznakadnezzar Spell-book
x1 Climbing potion
x1 Healing potion

Other Items
Half Plate
Components pouch
Explorers pack
Glass orb of smoke
Dragons Claw Necklace
Green Dragons bits (Heart, 12 Scales and Genitals)

Spell List
Fire Bolt
Poison Spray

Burning hands
Comprehend Languages
Detect Magic
Ice Knife
Magic Missile
Tashas Hideous Laughter
Unseen Servant

Helish Rebuke (Once Per day)
Darkness (Once Per day)
Blind/ Defin
Gentle Repose
Miror Image
Misty Step
Spirit Blast

Animate Dead
Delay Death
Fire Ball
Lightning Bolt
Phantom Steed

Labrezznakadnezzar’s Spellbook
1. Burning Hands
2. Colour Spray
3. Ice Knife
4. Detect Magic
5. Expeditious Retreat
6. Tenser’s Floating Disk
7. Magic Missile
8. Mage Armour
9. Jump
10. Longstrider

11. Knock
12. Melf’s Acid Arrow
13. Cloud of Daggers
14. Flaming Sphere
15. Ray of Enfeeblement

16. Bestow Curse
17. Blink
18. Fireball
19. Lightning Bolt
20. Flame Arrows
21. Water Breathing

22. Conjure minor Elementals
23. Fire Shield
24. Greater Invisibility
25. Storm Sphere
26. Polymorph

27. Conjure Elemental
28. Teleportation Circle
29. Hold Monster
30. Transmute Rock

31. Chain Lightning
32. Disintegrate
33. Contingency
34. Sunbeam
35. Investiture of Flame

36. Delayed Blast Fireball
37. Planar Shift
38. Whirlwind
39. Teleport

40. Antimagic Field
41. Clone

42. Meteor Swarm
43. Power Word Kill
44. Imprisonment
45. Shape Change


Mortys Casting Style
The way wizards learn spells is via experimentation and research. Every wizards spells are unique to them, this is the reason they need to spend time and money to copy a spell from another wizards spell book. While the effects are virtually the same the verbal components the hand gestures and the ritual parts will very from wizard to wizard.

Morty try’s to avoid using infernal and abysses phrases in his spells that traditionaly tend to be evil or somewhat demonic in nature.

For example his animate dead spell supplements the traditional Infernal and Abyssal with the more common Draconic phrasing where Draconic is not enough he uses Primal specifically the earth dialect. This results in a cleaner, less evil sounding spell, and avoids any potential hidden pacts or promises to some unknown entity that might be hidden behind a more traditional veneration of the spell.

Mortys Obsession with freeing his animate dead spell of the Fiend languages is a large part of why it took him so long to master the animate dead spell.

Early life

Morthose Jr, Was born to Morthose Sr and Agatha Nightinggale in the great city of Thay 17 years ago.

Morthose Sr did not have much in this world, the wealth and power that the Morthose family had once wielded when the The Great Arch-devil Morthose sired his Tiefling bloodline. (the full arrangements of the contract have been lost to time bare one notation “Your Sons shall bare the name Morthose for 1000 Generations”) Was long gone. In this day the Morthose bloodline where middle class subjects of They, Morthose Sr made a respectable living as a Tailor Crafting fine robes for the necromancers that ruled the city. Morthose had one simple thing going for him the love of his beautiful human wife Agatha. When they finally fell pregnant Morthose was overjoyed all he had ever wanted was to start his family.

Unfortunately life doesn’t turn out so well especially for subjects of They. Agatha died giver birth to Morthose Jr (a tragically common occurrence due to the lack of divine healers in They) Morthose Sr almost went bankrupt paying the Necromancers to raze his wife as a wight. He had her bound as a gardian to Morthose Jr so that his son would not have to grow up without his mother.

Life was difficult for the small family but they got by Morthose Sr made sure that his son was always cared for. When Morthose Jr was 3 his father discovered him razing dead spiders in his playpen for moments at a time causing them to wander around before they collapsed lifeless again. Morthose Jr not only had the spark for Magic but was also a born Servant in the school of Necromancy. His father was so proud of him.

Morthose Jr was found an Apprenticeship working under a great mortician and when he came of age he would apply to join the Red Wizards, With luck he would one day make quite a name for himself in fact with his natural born talent it was indeed very likely.

Timoras Dice

Morthose Jr was 14 when his life Changed forever, It was an evening like any other he was working at his desk studying whilst his master was busy with some mundane unpleasantries. A glint of gold court his eye, on his desk was something that had never been there before. A small golden six sided die. With the symbol of Timora replacing the number 6. Curious Morthose Rolled the dice and the dice landed, he doesn’t remember on what number. He was detracted by the barrage of information that flooded into his mind. He could see the world outside of They the forest that bordered the city all the winding and turning paths. He knew how to survive off the land hunting and foraging he could live comfortably indefinitely this way if he wished, He saw how to track undead and cover his own tracks so that no one would ever follow his path, He knew how to properly wheeled a variety of weapons as well as medium armor and a shield.

He could see that less then a meter to his right master had been slowly, brutally beating a slave to death as a punishment for not working hard enough. Morty could see that the city he grew up in was a festering pit of evil where innocent people knew nothing but pain. corruption ruled all. He could see the fear and hatred the world had for Tieflings and necromancers.

He could see that it was up to him, He alone could redeem his kind in the eyes of the world, to right the wrongs they had done.

Morty ran. He never said goodbye to his parents…

"Morty" Morthose Change

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