Rose Hawthron (Dead)

Morty's Ex Drow Apprentice


Name: Rose Hawthorn
Class: Warlock
Race: Drow
Age: 26

Charcoal black skin, Long Bleach White hair, blue eyes, 5"4 very lean. Has the Symbol of Lolth Branded onto the back of her left hand however she keeps the symbol covered by a glove.


I wish i could tell you that Roses death was heroic a grand sacrifice to span the ages. But it was not, the Yong elf died at the bottom of the Tower of Labrezznakadnezzar because of a series of bad judgment calls, If only Morty hadn’t walked in first… If only the undead where there, If only rose had stayed put instead of casting invisibility (an utterly useless spell given the circumstance) or if Morty had lightningboltat the Swords a second sooner.

But alass this was not the case Rose Death was tragic fast and irreversible. Her soul now belongs to Lolth taped in the Damning pits of the abyss

There was always gossip in the town about Roses great grandmother. Everyone knew the rumors that she was a Drow, one of those evil daemon worshipers from below the underdark. Rose normally paid little heed to them, Sure her skin was a little darker and her hair a little fairer then most wood elves but that it did not make her a Drow.

When the Orks came and took her and the other elves she was terrified. “no one is coming to save you” the Orks told her. Rose knew that she was going to die. All of them where going to be sacrificed to some horrible Orkish god. Unless? In her darkest hour Rose remembered the story’s.

“Ill do anything for you mistress, Just give me the power to get out of here” She whispered huddled in the far corner of there Orcish prison.

“I will gladly deny Grumsh of his sacrifice, i will would protect my child from those who would harm her. All i require is a small payment from you…. You know the price, the contract must be bound in blood” The voice whispered as tho coming from right behind her.

Rose looked around. “I don’t want to die here I will pay” A piece of flint stone. Small, but sharp. Enough to do the job, She slit her palm open.

Rose was broken from her trance with a tap on the shoulder “what have you done to your hand? Nevermind. The Dragons Fang have come to save us! We are getting out of here come on!”

The Transformation was sudden. As they rode home to Phandelver the sunlight was starting to hurt her eyes. Several days later she locked herself in her house. Refusing to let anyone come in. She was a monster no one would understand. She would be burnt at the stake for what she had done.

Unless? Morty.. “Ill only come out for Morty” She yelled from behind her locked door.

Rose Hawthron (Dead)

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