The Arch Devil Morthose "The Black Fiddler"

The Devil who Sired Mortys bloodline esons ago


The Black Fiddler was a powerful Arch Devil Eons ago, He was most well known for challenging mortals to musical contests, traditionally Fiddle playing. He would put up exorbitant amounts of wealth or power against there soul in a bet to see who could play the instrument the best.

His most powerful followers included a number of Bards, who where said to play music so entrancing that the dead themselves would rise from there slumber to play along.

Morthose has not been heard of on the material plane for several Elvin lifetimes, those who know of his existence are likely limited to well versed historians and descendants of his final and most powerful Tifling bloodline who have been cursed to bare his name for 1000 generations.


The Arch Devil Morthose "The Black Fiddler"

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