Xiao Long, the Ink Dragon

A artificer with a bad case of hero worship.


A small goblin girl, whose expression is usually one of awe.

Like all members of the Tianshang Mi, she bears a tattoo of her given the Ink Dragon. Her tattoos are much more extensive than Fang’s, visible on her neck and arms if she doesn’t hide them, she says that just means she likes tattoos.

Those tattoos mean something though, in fact there’s enough parts to them that they mean several things. Fang believes her new apprentice comes from a long family line that served the Monastery, though not one she can recall from memory. This is probably a bad thing, as it means Xiao has people at the Monastery who would want her back for more than reasons of honor. Still she is a little flattered.


Xiao talks little about her life, she’d prefer to hear more about your life. In detail. With a paper and a quill. She may be more than a little obsessed.

This unfortunately tends to lead to tunnel-vision, when she sets her eyes on something everything else is an annoyance. Her desire to leave the Monastery to find Fang was motivated by little else than hero worship, though it is representative of growing cracks in the Tianshang Mi Monastery’s authority.

Xiao couldn’t be happier about her new position, she has a front row seat for the stuff Bards compose epics about. Surrounded by great heroes, a great villain (Jack), and a tragic hero (Morty).

Despite her own assurance that she is simply support for the greats, Xiao herself has the possibility to be a great hero herself. She just needs something to spark it.

Xiao Long, the Ink Dragon

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