Devin Hambledon

Ingenuous Knight in Shining Armour


Magic Item: ‘Talon’ +1 Longsword


The only son of the minor noble house of Hambledon, Devin was born in a small village near Neverwinter Wood, which his impoverished family administered. Devin had always loved tales of knights in shining armour battling evil throughout the world, especially those affiliated with the Order of the Radiant Heart, but he was unprepared when a common formative event in those stories happened to his own village, in the form of a dragon attack. The great green dragon Venomfang laid waste to the village, his toxic breath killing all of its inhabitants but Devin. Devin himself was on death’s door and about to cross over when an itinerant priest of Torm appeared, healing him and saving his life. Taking it as a sign, Devin dedicated his life to service of Torm, attempting to become one of those knights he had so admired in his childhood, and swearing vengeance on Venomfang for the death of his family and village.

Devin Hambledon

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